Woocommerce Buttons Animations

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Woocommerce Buttons Animations allows put animations to the buttons on the product page, the cart page and the checkout page, in addition to some options such as animation wait time and animation repeat time.

Imagine that a possible customer is viewing your product detail, and at this moment the add to cart button begin to shake, this movement catches the attention of the customer and induces him to click.



  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • Woocommerce last version


How does Woocommerce Buttons Animations work?

It applies an animation to these Woocommerce buttons:

  • Add to cart button on the product detail
  • Go to checkout button on the cart page
  • Place order button on the checkout page.



[success icon=”fa-picture-o” ]You have more than 30 animations available[/success]

checkout page woocommerce buttons animations


5 reviews for Woocommerce Buttons Animations

  1. raul.eddo (verified owner)


    Todo funciona muy bien, el plugin es excelente, te dan muy buen soporte. Muchas gracias

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  2. Bol Tauj (verified owner)


    This plugin is easy to customize. I recommend it.

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  3. Kim Laure (verified owner)


    I activated the plugin and it worked instantly. The setup is easy to play.

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  4. Linz Paul (verified owner)

    Omg! it began to works speedy! Thanks Letsgodev for the support!

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  5. Jhon Leniz (verified owner)

    This plugin is magic! I can catch the attention of my customers while they are checking my product. I recommend it.

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(5 customer reviews)

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