Delivery Area with Google Maps



This plugin allow us create differents areas delivery and put it in anywhere of our website.

[error icon=”fa-picture-o” ]It is essential to generate an API key, Google Maps v3.[/error]


Setting Page

In the setting page you can include the library Google Maps or do it manually, too you can add a coordinate by default.

setting page

Add / modify a area delivery

We have a post type called “areamaps” where we put all our areas delivery with  his shortcode.

list areamaps


Create a area delivery is easy, only you must put a title and create a polygon, if do click in the map, it will create a new marker.

add new area



Exists a shortcode for each area delivery and his structure is :

[areamaps id=10712 w=100% h=400px]

[list_tick ]

  • id : is the id of post (required).
  • w is the widht ( you must specify the units: px, %, etc )
  • h is the height ( you must specify the units: px, %, etc )



You can put it in everywhere and the result will be:




The capabilities for this plugin are created, only you must assign to a role.



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