woocommerce shipping price by place
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Woocommerce Shipping Price by Place


This is a shipping method where you can specify the cities of the región and give a different price for each location.

Summary: The price of shipping is updated when you choose a location.

Compatible with:

  • Woocommerce 2.6.x
  • Woocommerce 2.5.5



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Product Description


WooCommerce allows us to choose the destination of an order to a country and a city, and if we delve more levels, WooCommerce gives us the concept of zipcode, which not all countries are familiar with this concept.

This plugin allows you to use up to 2 additional levels to country and state, and we can call it as we want, for example in North America it is called “county” and “townships”, in Latin America we use “province” and “districts”, etc.

We can assign this shipping method to any zone and configurate it with differents places.


shipping price by place


We can configurate it from the very basic with name of method or use the library select2().




Below, we can view that have 2 form of upload the places, 1) manual:





Or 2)  import a file with all the information.





The buyer will choose his country and his state, and a dropdown will appear automatically with the different places you have already configured on your administrative panel, and each time the buyer changes state, the dropdown will change with the selection.




Once you choose the location, the order view is updated and it adds to the total charge.



Finally, the detail of purchase will appear on your email




The plugin contains filters for be customize from functions.php.

To see the demo, first you need simulate a purchase, you’re finally going to “checkout” and you will would see the demo.




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