Woocommerce Basket Product


Starting at $16.00



This is a product type that allow us add other products as a basket, this product can be used with the label “customize your product” or “customize your basket”.


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basket product

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[half ][button_icon link=”https://demo.gopymes.pe/product/basket-product/” target=”_blank” icon=”fa-paper-plane-o” background_color=”#379bde” border_color=”#2c84bd” text_color=”#ffffff” ]Try Demo[/button_icon][/half]

[half_last ][button_icon link=”https://www.letsgodev.com/documentation/docs-woocommerce-basket-products/” target=”_blank” icon=”fa-shopping-cart” background_color=”#DF5148″ border_color=”#C53D35″ text_color=”#ffffff” ]Documentation[/button_icon][/half_last]


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