Woocommerce Assign Guest Orders

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When a user be register, this plugin, search if this user has old orders with his email, and if so, assigns them. Besides, this plugin allows assign old guest orders using a admin panel.

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In many occasions, our customers buy without register in our ecommerce, maybe because they have afraid to leave their personal info or because is the first time that they buy for Internet.

After, when they find that their purchases were successful, they register, but they will realize that their old purcharses don’t appear in their orders list.

This can affect in the customer trust or if the ecommerce has a points system, this error can cause of the loss of a one.


Setting Panel

The plugin shows you 2 tables to get a view of this scenario.

1. Orders with users pending assign.

With a click we can assign all these guest orders to their respective owners

While this plugin is activated, every time a user is registered, this plugin search if this user has guest order and, if so, assigns.

2. Orders without users for assign


Please, for more information you must visited our documentation.


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