This is the oficial documentation of Woocommerce Shipping with Delivery Area.


Woocommerce Shipping with Delivery Area allows put a shipping price to each area drawn by Google Maps. Besides, you can put a purchase minimum price to each area and a default shipping price if the customer is not inside from any delivery area.


Remember: You can send an email in English or Spanish to and the answer will be in less than 48 hours



  • Requeriments
  • Install/Activate Plugin
  • Activate the plugin with you License code
  • How does it work?
    • Enable services to your Google Maps Api Key
    • Create Delivery Areas
    • Shipping Method Settings
  • In the Checkout Page
  • FAQ
  • Filters



    • PHP 7.0 or higher
    • Woocommerce last version
    • Delivery Area with Google Maps free plugin
    • Your Google Maps APIKEY must have the services of Places API and Geocode API


Install/Activate Plugin

Go to : Plugins > Add New



Go to : Upload Plugin



Search the plugin in your PC



Then, click on “activate” and could see the plugin in the list of activated.



Activate the plugin with you License code

Please go to :



Get your license code

Please go to:


Manager License

Please go to :


How does it work?

  1. Generate a Google Maps Api Key and enable services
  2. Install the free plugin : Delivery Area with Google Maps and draw your Delivery Areas
  3. Customize this shipping method


Generate a Google Maps Api Key

Go to : and follow the steps


You need put your Credit Card in Billing Sections of your Google Maps Api Key you just created.


Click in  “Link a billing acount“.

You must follow the steps. Google give us $USD 300 monthly as credit to the use of Api Key.


Enable services to Google Maps Api

    • Maps Javascript API : Show map
    • Places API : Autocomplete address
    • Geocoding API : Convert the address in coordinates



Go to :

At the top, in the text field, type : Maps Javascript API, select it and enabled.


At the top, in the text field, type : Places API, select it and enabled.


At the top, in the text field, type: Geocoding API, select it and enabled.


Free Plugin Delivery Area with Google Maps

You can download here:

And you can follow this instructions for configure the free plugin :


add new area



Customize the method shipping

First you must create a shipping zone and assign the Shipping with Delivery Area method.

    • Address field name : it is the field name, by default Woocommerce use “address_1”
    • Minimum Price : if checked this option you can put a minimum price in each delivery area



    • AreaMaps : they are the delivery areas you drawn in the free plugin. You can choose one or more.
    • Label : it is the message will appear when your address is inside some area
    • Minimum Price: If the customer does not comply with the minimum price, a warning will be issued and the purchase will not be allowed
    • Shipping Price: If the customer is inside some area, this price will be shown.



If the address is not inside some area you can choose 2 options:

1. Use a default price

2. Avoid the purchase with a message


Checkout Page



If you set a minimum price in a area, this message will appear at the top

If you set “avoid purchase” when the customer is not inside some area



You can use the shortcode [shiparea]  where the user can put his address and see his shipping price if his address is inside some delivery area. We recommend use this shortcode into some popup plugin to have a better user experience.




How the plugin constructs the address to search it in Google Maps

If the autocomplete is not activate, this is the structure and the sort:

  1. Content of the address field, it is required.
  2. If exist the city field and it has information, takes it.
  3. If exist the state field and it has information, takes it.
  4. If exist the postcode field and it has information, takes it.
  5. If exist the country field and it has information, takes it.

How can I enable the Google Autocomplete in my address field?

In your functions.php you must put this code:

If my license expired, can I still using the plugin?

Yes, but as 1 license is to 1 domain, you cannot unassign it.

The license is for 1 year to updates and support

Why Woocommerce does not refresh the order view section in my Checkout Page when I change the address?

Woocommerce only refresh order view section if consider that all his address fields was fill and if they are presents in the checkout page. To Woocommerce those fields are: Country, State, City, Postcode and address_1.

If you do not use Postcode or City or other, delete them.




Autocomplete of Google

You can activate it in your address field using the hook “ shiparea/checkout/is_autocomplete ”


Restrictions on the autocomplete of Google.

If you need limit the search in the autocomplete field, you need to use the hook “ shiparea/checkout/vars “. For example: we will limit it to the countries United States and Canada.



Apply a 10% to shipping price if the subtotal is less than 200

Will use the hook “ shiparea/calculate/data ” . This hook is the result of search the address in the delivery areas.


Change message of minimum price

If you want to change the message that appears when the purchase is not higher than the minimum price.


Format of the address.

If you have not activated the Autocomplete of Google in your address field, then this plugin will build the address using the fields in the checkout page.

Example: If you sell in only one country and you have not the country field in the checkout page, then this plugin will build the address without the country. But you can access to the address before than it be search in the map



To see the demo, first you need simulate a purchase, you’re finally going to “checkout” and you will would see the demo.