This is the oficial documentation of Woocommerce Golocation, with this plugin you will can show your products according your users’s location, please follow these steps for a correct customization.

Remember: You can send an email to and the answer will be in less than 72 hours



    • You must generate a Api Key for Google Maps v3

Install/Activate Plugin

Go to : Plugins > Add New




Go to : Upload Plugin

add new plugin


Search the plugin in your PC add new plugin


Then, click on “activate” and could see the plugin in the list of activated. add new plugin Ready!

Settings Page

You must customizer the plugin in the settings page:



    • Api Google Maps: Is the Api Key of Google Maps v3, if you don’t have, you can generate
    • Make visible the areas of distribution: if checked, all the areas of vendors will be visible
    • Include library Google Maps: if checked, the library Google Maps will be included automatically, if uncheck you must included manually.
    • Role Vendor : The rol that can add areas

Areas Distribution

If in settings page you put in “Role Vendor” for example to “Editor”, then only editor can made areas.


Note: All the administrator rol, can made areas


Go to Golocation > Add New Area



If we don’t put a Api Key in the settings page, it shows a alert and you won’t can add a area. golocation-area1


For add a area, you must put a title and place each marker for form your area, if you have to much markers you can click a marker and this will disappear; conversely, if you have a few marker, you can click in the map and a marker will appear.



Note: The vendor only can edit areas himself


Use:   [gowoolocation]

This shortcode has these parameters:

    • showmap: “yes”, put the map always visible, “no” put the map hidden. Default “yes”
    • cat : this is the slug of the category (it isn’t ID) that you want to include. Default empty.
    • columns : the number of columns that your products are displayed. Default the Woocommerce columns
    • order : the order field (example: title, date, etc). Default rand
    • orderby : the order ASC or DESC
    • limit : the limit of products to display. Default posts_per_page of WordPress
    • template: this is the name of template that you will use for display the products, for default this is the same of shop page. This point, will be explained better in the filter section. Default “default”


Example of Shortcode with parameters:

1) Showing the map and the products in 8 columns

[gowoolocation showmap="yes" columns="8"]


2) Don’t show the map and order by title

[gowoolocation showmap="no" order="title"]


3) Show only the category “Little Dogs”

[gowoolocation cat="little-dogs"]

* The parameter “template” will be explain in the filters section


In the Maps.

filters We have 2 filters for customize the content before and after of maps: “gowoo_before_maps” and “gowoo_after_maps”. In the Loop


Productcs Not Found


We can modify this message with a diferent text or a HTML code.


New Template

If we want to create a new way of show the products, we must create a template using a hook of this plugin.



This hook is called “gowoo_template_[parameter_shortcode]“. Only when we use the parameter shortcode “template”, we can use this hook, for example:

[gowoolocation template="gopy"]

Then I can use the hook “gowoo_template_gopy“, This is the code for this example image:

You can view this example in