This is the oficial documentation of Woocommerce Basket Products.

Woocommerce Basket Products is a product type allows us add others products as a basket; the prices are added and you can define a minimum price or maximun price to the purchase.


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  • Requeriments
  • Install/Activate Plugin
  • Activate the plugin with you License code
  • Create basket product
  • Add products to the basket
  • Cart Details
  • Order Details
  • Reduce Stock
  • FAQ



    • Woocommerce 3.4.x



Install/Activate Plugin

Go to : Plugins > Add New



Go to : Upload Plugin



Search the plugin in your PC



Then, click on “activate” and could see the plugin in the list of activated.



Activate the plugin with you License code

Please go to :


Get your license code

Please go to:

Manager License

Please go to :


Create a basket product

Go to the the new Product in Woocommerce Menu and in Type Product you must change to “Basket Product”


When you choose “Basket Product” as product type, will appear a tab called “Basket Settings” where you can custom the plugin.


  1. Button Basket Label : is the label in the button that add the products in the basket
  2. Initial Price: is the initial price and all the products in the basket are added to this.
  3. Minimum Price: is the minimum price allowed to buy the basket, if is empty or zero, there isn’t limit.
  4. Maximum Price: is the maximum price allowed to buy the basket, if is empty or zero, there isn’t limit.
  5. Product Categories: you can add product to the basket only of these categories.
  6. Range Info: if checked the limits ( maximum and minimum) will appear in the product page


Add Products to the basket

  1. The total price to the basket. This price change when add or remove simple products.
  2. Categories allowed to this basket product.
  3. The button that add the simple products to the basket.
  4. Table that will contain the aggregate products.
  5. Purchase limits.


You can remove, remove all or add the products to the basket, and when you refresh the page, the products will continue there because it use Woocommerce sessions.

When do the purchase, the session of this basket product is destroyed.


Cart Details

When you add this basket product to the cart, the products appear as meta data: quantity and name.


Order Details

In this section the basket product has a different view because is the shop manager who review the orders. Here show more details of the simple products within of basket product.

Here we show the ID, SKU (if it has), name, quantity and subtotal. This is, with the purpose that the shop manager can review the stocks.


Reduce Stock

If the basket product enabled the stock manager then this plugin review if each simple product within of the basket have enable the stock manager and will reduce it.

All it will appear in the notes section:



1. I need put some extra field in the basket product as color or size

You can use a plugin to add extra product options.

2. I want the products that are added to the basket to be sold only through this one, and not separately.

First you must put those products as “hidden” and after put each product as noindex

3. Can manage the stock of the product within of the basket?

Yes. If basket product has enabled the stock manager , then you must enabled in each product within the basket this option too.