This is the oficial documentation of Delivery Area with Google Maps, this plugin allows you create delivery areas in Google Maps and by a shortcode put it in everywhere.


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  • Requeriments
  • Install/Activate Plugin
  • Activate the License
  • Setting Page
  • Add / modify a area delivery
  • Shortcode
  • Permissions
  • FAQ



    • Google Maps Api v3


Install/Activate Plugin

Go to : Plugins > Add New

install plugin


Go to : Upload Plugin

install plugin


Search the plugin in your PC



Then, click on “activate” and could see the plugin in the list of activated.

license activate



Activate the License

When you activate the plugin, will appear a box, then you must put your license code.

license activate

For more information read:


Setting Page

If you are a administrator, you can go to the setting page: Delivery Area > Settings.

setting page


setting page

API Google Maps . For create poligons in Google Maps you need a API code.

Include library Google Maps. If uncheck then you must add this library manually.

Latitude and Longitude Default. This option allows add coords for default where will start the map


Add / modify a area delivery

Goto Delivery Area.

list areamaps


If you want to add a new area delivery you must go to : Delivery Area > Add new area.

add new area

The address input is used to search for any location where you want to start creating your delivery area.

The color input is to paint the area delivery.



Exists a shortcode for each area delivery and his structure is :

[areamaps id=10712 w=100% h=400px]

    • id : is the id of post (required).
    • w is the widht ( you must specify the units: px, %, etc )
    • h is the height ( you must specify the units: px, %, etc )



This code finds in :



You can put it in everywhere and the result will be:




If you want this plugin can be used by other user types, you must install a plugin  roles and capabilities.

The capabilities for this plugin are created, only you must assign to a role. For example: